If you are looking for high-quality proofreading or editing in German or English and if precision and linguistic sensitivity are important, you have come to the right place.

If you have already completed your text and all that’s missing is grammatical refining, then proofreading is exactly the right service for you.
During the process, I pay attention to grammatical adversities; of course, nothing will be changed in terms of content.
This service is best suited to put the finishing touches on your special project!

If your text needs not only a grammatical but also a stylistic check, an editing service is what you need. In addition to simple proofreading, I offer you suggestions for linguistic changes to give your project the tone you want.
This means: I always include proofreading in an editing service process.
I edit your texts 100% personally and confidentially; no "uploading" to a platform, no passing on to third parties.

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  • Do you publish technical articles or other factual texts?
  • Are you responsible for press releases or corporate PR?
  • You want to send your manuscript to a publisher, but someone should check the grammar first?
  • You have doubts about which grammar rules apply on your website?

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