Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Consulting

"Learning is like rowing against the storm. If you stop, you drift backwards." Laozi′s wisdom is as true today as it was then. I support, coach and advise entrepreneurs and individuals with professional expertise, years of accumulated knowledge and personal know-how.

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Stress Management

Moving to a distant country. Setting up an outpost Down Under - or in Europe. A new professional position. Whatever the cause of your stress may be: I am here to help you with professional advice. In my coaching sessions, I will give you the right tools to control and prevent stress in the long term.

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“Out-of-country” Coaching

The rumour is true: moving from Europe to Down Under - and vice versa - is complicated.
There are many things and factors to consider. I have been through this process myself and for others several times. And I can help you with my support and experience during your emigration as part of my out-of-country coaching.

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Does your brand no longer meet your expectations? Are you looking for a new direction or have you already found one?
There are many things to consider when repositioning. I can help you change direction in the Australian or European market. To do this, I draw on years of expertise and my extensive network.

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New Down Under? New in Austria, Germany or Switzerland? New to management? Lost in translation - and also on a cultural or professional level?
Whatever the reason is: I act as a guiding hand and support you in your development.

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Conflict Management

Europe and Australia: two mentalities clash. This can lead to friction and resentment within the team and between managers.
As someone who knows both sides, I help companies and individuals with conflict management using solution-orientated strategies and proven techniques.

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Goldmine complaint Management

Complaints are not just criticism - they are a trigger to change things for the better. This is something we know and live by in Australia.
In my seminar "Goldmine Complaint Management", you will learn among other things, how you can generate additional sales from a complaint.

"The more aware we are of our blind spots and the more we focus on lifelong learnings, the more successful we will be economically."

Erika Schmid

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