Copywriting, editing & proofreading

Copywriting, editing & proofreading

It takes skill, knowledge and linguistic intuition to combine words into a meaningful content. Because even if A.I. is already on its way, good texts do not write themselves. I support you in all language matters in German and English - from editing and proofreading to the overall virtual appearance.

Erika Schmid: Writing factory
100% personal and confidential. For all types of texts - from specialised articles, press releases and manuscripts to websites and social media.

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Proofreading. As we all know, four eyes see more than two. That′s why it′s always a good idea to have professional proofreading done, especially for professional texts. I will check your writing for grammar, spelling and content accuracy.

Editing. Editing includes the full range of proofreading services, but goes beyond this: the corrected text is polished in terms of content and style to meet your expectations - and to make an impression on your readers.
Copywriting. Whether for your own website, newsletter, social media postings or for marketing purposes: I take care of your virtual presence on a linguistic level. In both English and German. You have the idea I′ll find the right words for it.

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"Through words we get ideas, and through ideas we do live."
Jean Baptiste Girard

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