Erika Schmid-

Erika Schmid

From the highest heights of the Alps straight to the endless landscapes of Down Under: over 14 years ago, my journey took me from Austria to Australia. Today, I take German-speaking travellers with me into the diversity of the continent that I now call home.
I advise and support companies on their professional journey from Europe to Australia. I also proofread and create texts in German and English.

In all these matters, I count on my personal and professional experience in tourism and the international hotel industry, many years of expertise and my extensive network.

Erika Schmid
Austria to Australia-

Austria to Australia

More than 14,000 kilometres. That′s how far Austria and Australia are apart. Although their names often cause confusion in English, these two countries are fundamentally different. And both have had a huge impact on me.

My story begins in Austria. This is where I grew up, between the Alps, Wiener Schnitzel, Mozart and Falco. My career in tourism led me to the international hotel industry. My desire to travel, my hunger for foreign cultures and my love of flora and fauna extended this path by a few thousand kilometres - and led me to Australia.


The easiness, the nature, the culture - Down Under quickly got under my skin. I decided to stay. I made a career in upper management, even outside the hotel industry. But even though I had already arrived, I was far away from having arrived. The journey from newcomer to insider, to someone who really understands the country and its people, was a long one. I eventually overcame the hurdles - from Aussie English to the Do′s and Don′ts of everyday life. In between, I collected numerous hidden places and insider knowledge. And redefined myself on this journey from Austria to Australia.

I have been living in Australia for more than 14 years now. I show German-speaking people the authentic Down Under. Create and correct professional texts of all kinds. I consult companies from Europe and Australia. I am, so to speak, a bridge between the two continents - and can be one for you too.

Are you up for your (ad)-venture Down Under?