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Erika Schmid | Sicher in Down Under does not take any guarantee for the actuality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against voestalpine Precision Strip GmbH referring to damages of material or ideal kind, which were caused by the use or disuse of the information provided respectively because of the use of incorrect and incomplete information are basically excluded as far as there is no clearly provable deliberate fault or gross negligence on part of Erika Schmid | Sicher in Down Under. Erika Schmid | Sicher in Down Under points out to preserve the right to change, to complete or to delete parts of these pages or the whole proposals without any special notification, or to stop this publication temporarily or definitely.

3. References and Links
Erika Schmid | Sicher in Down Under points out that at the time of inserting the links for referring to related other internet pages ("Links") those appropriate linked pages were free of illegal content. Erika Schmid | Sicher in Down Under has no influence at all on the current or future design and contents of linked/associated pages. That is why Erika Schmid | Sicher in Down Under points out to distance herself  from all contents of all linked/associated pages which were changed after insertion of links. 
This ascertainment applies to all links being inserted within the own internet proposal. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and particularly for damages which may occur from the use or disuse of such provided information, the operator of the page which has been referred to is solely liable, and not the party who just refers to those publications via links.

4. Copyright and Labelling Right
Erika Schmid | Sicher in Down Under is striving to care about the copyright of used graphics and texts in all publications, and to use their own compiled graphics and texts or to hark back to license free graphics or texts. All the named labels and trademarks or possibly reserved labels and trademarks by third parties within this internet proposal are unrestrictedly subject to those regulations of the respectively valid labelling right and subject to ownership rights of respectively registered owners. By just merily naming it, it cannot be concluded that trademarks are protected and reserved by third parties! The copyright for published and self-compiled objects by Erika Schmid | Sicher in Down Under remains solely at Erika Schmid | Sicher in Down Under. A reproduction or use of such graphics or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the explicit allowance by Erika Schmid | Sicher in Down Under.

5. Legal effectiveness of this Liability Exclusion
This liability exclusion has to be regarded as part of the internet proposal from which this page was referred to. As far as parts or single formulations of this text do no longer or not completely come up to the current legal status, the rest parts of the document stay uneffected in their content and their validity.

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