Network Build-up and client events

Network Build-up and client events

In a global and digitally connected world, a good idea is by no means not enough anymore. More than before interpersonal contacts, an exquisite network and trustworthiness are from more decisive importance. If you want to be economical successful in Australia, you’ll need the right contacts: decision maker of banks or authorities, interested investors, importers and influential multipliers who recommend your idea at exclusive events or their networks.

To build up such a sustainable network in Australia takes years – valuable time, which you can shorten tremendously with my support. I’m your door opener, your bridge-builder within the economic structure of Australia and secure you a crucial competitive advantage towards others. You save on unnecessary long-distance journey’s and can continue on your strategic valuable work in Europe and only having to travel for really rewarding and important business meetings to Australia. All the hard and intermediate steps I’ll manage for you locally.

I’m looking forward to your approach and to help support you with your business-adventure Australia:
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Client events-

Client events

Shortly after you’ve achieved your market entry, investors, clients and steak-holders want to visualize the situation on-site. You’ve already won if you can provide (besides all the numbers) the right ambience and a lasting experience – ideal with valuable contact initiation. This is where I support my clients with, for example, a top-class day at the race course. An experience, which not only guarantees you thrills, but also prestige and sustainable contacts. With my support you’ll shine as a confident host and you can concentrate on the needs of your business partners.

Example package- zoom

Example package

Experience a day with all the thrills and excitement from an exclusive suite with a direct view onto the race course. Return Limousine transfer from your hotel, access to betting facilities, exclusive suite with your own waiter, food & drinks (incl. beer and wine) included. Maximum 4 people.

Please be aware of the dress code.
Duration: about 5hrs

Booking on request and availability
Payment method: PayPal

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’Every idea needs people who carry it in their heart and keep it going’ this is what I strongly believe in.
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