Market entry

Market entry

Australia is an interesting market for many European businesses. On one hand is the percentage of German speaking tourists in Australia is steady, alternatively slightly increasing and the experience shows that they don’t want to miss the common consumer goods from home. On the other hand, the construction- and IT-sector is booming and the European Know-How is needed.

The combination of the Australian horse racing enthusiasm and the easy-going lifestyle makes Down Under an absolute future- and export market for European businesses.


The challenges for companies looking to settle down in Australia are multifarious:

  • There are only a few authorities, who are a cross-border support for foundation of a company and market entry. The language barriers as well as the cultural differences to Europe complicate the acceptance within the Australian networks.
  • The way of networking, the approach to business strategy and how to implement it as well as the daily common practice on the leadership of employees differentiate clearly from the German speaking market.

These are the main reasons why businesses terminate their projects before completion in Down Under.

With my support-

With my support

I’m more than happy to support you with my expertise, experience and my network. Whether video conferencing, market sounding with local business partners, first customer- or networking events or workshops for your employees – as a reliable business partner I’m on your side for a safe market entry in Down Under.

I’m looking forward to your enquiry and to send you a customized quotation.

Trustworthiness, long-term nature and the courage to think about things in a different way are crucial factors within a liaison between business partners and clients for me.
Erika Schmid

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