Horse industry

Horse industry

Horse racing is a great passion of mine. My key position within Vandyke Racing opened the door for me to the Australian society. Hardly any other country in the world is so enthusiastic about horse racing like Australia is and the volume of investment in this industry.


The challenge for European businesses, which are in demand due to their IT and technical innovations, is to get seen and heard within this established industry. Big investments are usually on the agenda but sponsors and investors are careful with good reason as the importance of a solid recommendation is absolutely essential.

Although my career path moved away from the race course, I’m still very connected with the sport and the industry not least because of my own thoroughbred race horse.
If you want to get to know the world of horse racing in Australia, the rules of the Australian business etiquette or if you are looking for a unique market entry, I’m more than happy to support you on your way and look forward to hearing from you.

Also, a day at the race course can be a very interesting first step.

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