Consultation Hotline for work & travellers and their parents- zoom

Consultation Hotline for work & travellers and their parents

A work & travel stay in Australia raises a lot of questions in the process of planning:
  • Which documents do I need?
  • What needs to be paid or planned before I can start my journey?
  • How does the everyday life work in Australia?
  • Where are the hotspots away from the tourist flows?
  • What do I need to know about dealing with employer, landlord and/or real estate agent – where are the cultural differences?
  • How do I react in case of an emergency (theft, illness, accident at work, termination of work, loss of documents)?
During my consultation hotline I’ll answer all the questions you or your parents may have, provide practical tips and help you finalize your biggest adventure.

(+61) 0487 880 488

AUD 90.- /hour
Payment method: PayPal

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Travel Back-Up ’Work & Travel’- zoom

Travel Back-Up ’Work & Travel’

  • Permanent availability for travellers and parents 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • SIM-card with a credit of AUD 10.-
  • Create master data of all travellers in case of an emergency (insurance number, contact details of relatives in their home country, landlord and employer in Australia)
  • If accident, hospital stay etc. occurs I’ll liaise between doctors and relatives
  • Theft: support to recover the stolen documents, handling of the police theft report, organizing a rental car, etc.
  • Do you have problems with your employer or landlord? I’m here to liaise between you and them, I’ll find the best solutions and will help you to find a new accommodation if necessary
  • Tips for restaurants, tourist attractions and hotspots away from the mass tourism
  • Tour planning support
  • Weekly call to check on traveller and if requested update call to the parents
AUD 220.- / per month & person
Payment method: PayPal

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Australia became my source of strength for my spirit and soul, my calm anchor – my place under the sun.
Erika Schmid

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