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Off to Down Under: simply move to Australia for a few months. Let nature take your breath away. Breathe in the atmosphere, culture and mentality. And earn a bit of money on the side. Sounds so easy - and with my consulting hotline, it can be.

Which documents do I need? What do I need to organise before I start my trip? What do Australian employers and landlords expect from me? What happens if I fall ill, have an accident or made redundant? And what does everyday life actually look like Down Under?

With my consulting hotline, I answer all these questions for young people and their parents, give practical tips and support them in the best possible preparation for their big adventure in Australia.
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Work & Travel back-up

A piece of wisdom among travellers: Most questions and problems arise along the way. My travel back-up is a beneficial tool to help you solve them quickly:

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Work & Travel Help Hotline for young people and their parents
  • Creation of master data for all travellers in case of emergencies
  • If accident, hospital stay etc. occurs: contact support for doctors and relatives as well as direct telephone communication
  • 360-degree assistance in the event of theft
  • In the event of problems with the employer or landlord: direct conflict resolution and mediation, support in finding alternative accommodation if necessary, etc.
  • Travel planning: tips for restaurants, popular tourist destinations and hidden hotspots
  • Weekly call to check on traveller and if requested update call to relatives in home country
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"Source of strength. An oasis of tranquility. A place in the sun. Australia is all that and more for me - and it could be for you too!"
Erika Schmid

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