Adventure Australia

On the road with Erika Schmid

Koalas and kangaroos. A stunning coastline that promises pure surfing bliss. The bright red Ayers Rock. The Sydney Opera House. And: spiders that are far too big. That′s Down Under for many. But Australia is and can do so much more - no wonder, because there is plenty of room for diversity on 7.7 million square kilometres.

As an insider, I help travellers not only to discover this diversity, but also to experience it. I recommend some of the typical hotspots as well as the best insider tips, from waves and wilderness to art, culture and cuisine. I help holidaymakers to avoid annoying tourist traps and leave their penchant for the well-known at home. And I also help with my troubleshooter hotline for all emergencies Down Under.
Adventure Australia

Adventure meets everyday happiness

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